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This product, I believe is the best investment one can make in his or her life; I would like to share some interesting stats to reaffirm that Life Force natural vitamins are the way to natural healing; by building up your body’s immune system.

Give the body time, the right fuel and rest is nature’s way of healing.

    According to Dr. Atkins, tradition-bound doctors are able to cure only about 25% of the ailments they treat.  Most of what they do is relieve symptoms until your body’s natural healing mechanisms and immune system can finish the job.  Let nature work for you, not against you.  Avoid drugs when you can,c  they are blocking agents with side effects that often fight your body’s normal healing process.

     Here are some startling figures from the Statistical Abstract of the United States:

·        Cardiovascular disease will affect 80% of Americans

·        33+% of Americans develop cancer.

·        6.5 million Americans will suffer from diabetes.

·        77% of adults suffer from arthritic and rheumatic disorders

·        16 million Americans have ulcers.

·        22 million Americans have mental illness

·        98% of Americans have bad teeth; 31 million Americans have NO teeth!

·        70-80% of Americans are overweight; 80 million are obese.

·         More people die annually in hospitals than in auto accidents.

Dr. Ray Strand quoted in his book:


Coronary artery disease, cancer, strokes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s dementia, and macular degeneration…every chronic degenerative disease I have mentioned is the direct result of the dark side of oxygen—oxidative stress is the leading theory behind the aging process itself.  This generation is under greater attack from the pollutants in our air, food, and water than any other generation. Our stress-filled lifestyle takes its toll on our health. It is critical that we understand the best defense against developing any of these degenerative diseases and premature aging is the body’s natural defense system, not the drugs I can prescribe.





    The US spends more per capita to treat sickness than any nation on earthHealth is the largest failing business in America.  The health care crisis

                         is slowly bankrupting our citizens and our country.  Costs for health care are climbing four times faster than inflation.  This situation is why we

                         must bring  awareness of the Life Force to every home in America.  Do you know someone that could benefit from this natural healing process?




Your Best investment is in your body’s immune system= body’s health



                                Mike & Sherry Jennings

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 You can trace every ailment, every sickness and every disease to a mineral deficiency”

-Dr. Linus Pauling, renowned scientist and two-time Nobel Prize winner.


I would like to introduce you to Life Force liquid vitamins and minerals.

Body Balance

Is a liquid whole food made from a unique blend of 9 sea vegetables that yield over 121 essential nutrients per ounce blended with Aloe Vera and honey. This amazing product has a 98% absorption rate compared to pills, which are 10 to 20 percent. Body balance is in your blood cells in just 30 minutes at this amazing 98% absorption rate.


A liquid calcium providing 1200 mgs of highly absorbable calcium in each ounce with vitamin D3, orotic acid, magnesium, boron and other minerals that are essential for the body to actually assimilate the calcium into the teeth, bones or wherever it is needed. OsteoProCare is simply the Cadillac of calcium supplements.


Body Balance and OsteoProCare taken together is one of the best investments a person can make to acquire a healthy body and it cost $2.50 to $2.66 per day. One receives every mineral and vitamin by drinking 1 ounce of Body Balance per 100 lbs and 1 oz of OsteoProCare per day with in 30 minutes of drinking it.


 These two products are design to give your body a stronger immune system to fight off disease and poor health, while using all natural whole food products and liquid calcium.


You cannot take your health for granted with all the challenges of poor food and disease in today’s environment.


Prevention is not only cheaper than the cure;

 One also receives the benefits of a healthy body and life style.


 You will not believe the difference in how you feel and the difference your hair, skin, muscles and bones.

You can place your order by calling Mike Jennings of between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM (CST)Saturdays from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm (Closed on Sundays)at
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                            BODY BALANCE


What is this product that gets such amazing results? Body Balance is different from any other product on the market because of the following reasons:


1.     First of all Body Balance is a whole food. It is made of nine different sea vegetables that have been liquefied for the better absorption. Getting your nutrition from whole food instead of from manufactured pills means that your cells are getting nutrition the way God intended them to.


     2.  It is free of pollution. The nine sea vegetables are harvested from deep

     In the Artic Ocean from what is known as the “Regeneration Zone”

     Hundreds of feet below the surface. This is probably the most pollution-

     free environment on earth.


3.      Body Balance is unusually rich in nutrients. Because minerals have                                   been washed into the oceans for millions of years, the nine sea vegetables together yield over 121 nutrients that the body needs every day, more than any other kind of food. With Body Balance you are getting nutrients that have not been discovered yet. For example, the Vitamins P and U have just been discovered by scientists-they were already in Body Balance.


4.  It is organic. Body Balance is processed with water and contains no 

     chemicals. There are no preservatives, which is why it has to be                                      

     refrigerated once it is opened.


5.     Body Balance is in ionic form. This means the absorption rate of Body

Balance an amazing 98 percent, in comparison to the 10 to 20 percent absorption rate of pills.


6.     Body Balance is complete. Every day your body needs 15 vitamins and

They are all in Body Balance. Every day your body needs 3 essential fatty acids-they’re are in there. Every day your body needs 12 amino acids- they’re in there. Every day your body needs enzymes- they’re in there.


7.     Body Balance is delicious and easy to take. People who hate pills,

Especially children and senior citizens, find that Body Balance is the best way to get quality nutrition on a daily basis.



Is a liquid calcium supplement with Vitamin D, magnesium, glucosamine and chrodrotin is quite simply the Cadillac of calcium supplements. The absorption rate of this liquid supplement is so much higher than pills ; one would have to take 45 calcium pills per day to equal 2 tablespoons per day of OsteoProcare.


Did you know?


·                    Root canals and crowns can be avoided

·                    You can greatly reduce your chances of ending up in a nursing home

·                    Arthritic joints can be healed so that pain relievers are no longer necessary

·                    You can avoid or heal many of the diseases that most doctors think are inevitable with aging

·                    You can monitor your health for pennies a day

·                    You can slow down the aging process


More and more Americans are learning that they need to take control of their health if they want to get well and stay well. In a world of fake food, dead food and fast food, supplementation is absolutely essential to gain and maintain vibrant health.


Every once in a while a product comes along that is head and shoulders above the rest. OsteoProCare is such a product. You would have to search far and wide to find one product that does as much for a body as this one.


Take care of your body and it will take care of you


If one considers the staggering medical cost of today’s world; much less how much it is going to cost in the future, you can see what a bargain Body Balance and OsteoProCare is. But much more than money is at stake here- we are talking about the quality of life right to the end. We are talking about senior years that are healthy and productive or filled with misery or pain.

No one wants to end up in misery at the end of life. But health problems, drug side effects, and skyrocketing medical cost are ruining the last years for millions of Americans.

More and more people are beginning to realize that they are going to have to take responsibility for their health by providing the body with good nutrition on a daily basis. By spending a small amount per day now, thousands of dollars and years of misery can be avoided in the future.

Each person has to decide for him or herself; pay a little now or pay a lot later. How will you decide?


Imagine that you have a beautiful plant and want it to thrive. Would you pray to God to help your plant grow and then refuse to water it? Of course not! We know that the plant would die without water, no matter how much you prayed, no matter how much faith you have in God. You cannot pray for God to go against his own laws of nature and expect results. The same principle applies to our bodies. You cannot ask God to heal you and give you abundant health while you are violating the laws of good health. You cannot pray for good health while denying your body the nutrient rich food it needs.

God intended for us to have nutrients every single day of our lives, That’s why he created us to get hungry enough to eat three meals a day- the body needs a constant supply of nutrients in order to function at its best.

Why risk the chance of poor health and sickness?


These two products are design to give your body a stronger immune system to fight off disease and poor health, while using all natural whole food products and liquid calcium.

You can place your order by calling Mike Jennings of between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM (CST)Saturdays from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm (Closed on Sundays)at
888 396 1414


FEED YOUR BODY naturally