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Wrist Snapper



The Wrist Snapper - $24.95 plus S & H

The Wrist Snapper is a great tool for strengthening the wrist and developing muscle memory as you practice wrist snaps for the rise, drop, curve, screwball and change-up. The Wrist Snapper will not click properly unless the wrist is snapped correctly.  The Wrist Snapper is great for all sports including baseball, bowling, tennis, etc. where the wrist and forearm need to gain strength and where learning to snap your wrist properly produces additional power at the point of release.   

Basics and Fundamentals for the Windmill Pitcher  - $19.95 plus S & H


In this easy to follow DVD, Coach Parker teaches the beginning and intermediate athlete the first steps in learning a sound foundation for the windmill pitch. Starting with the grip and continuing all the way through to the stride and follow-through, the beginning student will learn the common components to all the great pitches. Also in this video are practical and fun drills that will help the student feel the correct execution while learning the repetition that will help the body achieve "muscle memory." If results are what you're after, then this step-by-step video is for you!     

Maximum Ball Movement – Curve and Screw - $19.95 plus S & H

In this DVD you'll learn the basic fundamentals of throwing the curve and the screw ball. Find out what actually makes the ball move andmaximum2 how rotation is a key factor. See which grips make the best impact and what to look for when your pitches don't move. Also included are simple and effective drills to help the young pitcher achieve Maximum Ball Movement.

Fundamentals of the Killer Rise –  $19.95 plus S & HKillerDVD3


Today’s coaches know that one of the most difficult pitches for hitters today is a moving rise ball.  In this DVD Coach Parker shows pitchers and coaches how to achieve the fundamentals for throwing a consistent and effective rise ball. Learn the keys to "muscle memory." Find the common causes and pitfalls for many young pitchers and the answers to correcting those problems.


Mastering the Drop –  $19.95 plus S & H


In this easy to follow fastpitch softball DVD Coach Parker helps the masterthedropyoung athlete learn the mechanics and theory to mastering the drop ball. Two different styles are presented, the peel drop and the turn over drop. Each method is clearly demonstrated and explained with emphasis on muscle memory and repetition. Included are drills designed to give the pitcher instant feedback on how it feels and looks when you execute the drop ball correctly

The Change-Up –  $19.95 plus S & HChangeUpDVD

In this fastpitch softball DVD Coach Parker covers the fundamentals for the change up. Learn the tips and drills that will help pitchers maximize the use of this effective pitch. See why the change up works and when it works the best.

Power Pitching - Plyometrics and Drills –  $19.95 plus S & H PowerPitching


Plyometric drills have long been used by many Olympic athletes training in countries throughout the world. Through a combination of intense physical muscle reflex action and aerobic exercise drills, plyometrics will result in a finely tuned body ready to perform under pressure and in competition. In this easy to follow and fun video, Ernie Parker helps you develop incredible strength through the use of plyometric drills that will increase endurance, strength, speed and confidence.


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